With the majority of the world’s Christians now living in the non-Western world, Christian mission has become a global movement. The mission of Western Christianity now faces the challenge of laying aside the preeminence and privilege it has long enjoyed in global Christian mission, and embracing a new role of servanthood in weakness alongside its sisters and brothers from Asia, South America, and Africa. Such a transformation in historic patterns in mission requires not just new strategies and techniques, but a renewal of its spirituality. How can the spirituality of Western mission be renewed? Learn more.

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Learning for the Least Project Blog

  • An Old Olive Tree, Ramallah June 11, 2014Andrew Bush

    IMG_3761 This morning as I was walking through the center of Ramallah I noticed this ancient olive tree.  The trunk of this tree indicates it is several hundred years old.  The olive tree is a national Palestinian symbol.  It represents Palestinians’ persistence, longevity as a people, and  hope. ...

Manila Blog

    HCF Manila

    Andrew and Karen travel regularly to the Philippines as they continue to train and guide the leaders of HCF. Andrew and Karen’s ministry supports national pastors of HCF and helps fund their feeding program, school, and other outreaches.

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    West Bank
    and Gaza

    In an environment of conflict, Andrew, with a team of Palestinian Christians, founded Living Stones Student Center, a multipurpose center that serves the students of Bir Zeit University and the community of Bir Zeit.

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    Learning from the
    Least Project

    The Learning from the Least project is determined to bring the voices of non-western Christians to the attention of the Christian community in the West – as sources of renewal in the radical way of the cross.

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    Featured Recommendation from Esteemed Missions Leader

    Andrew Bush’s learning, not patronizing, approach to the Palestinian Christians, helps to tell the story of this much forgotten group of Palestinians in the simplicity and directness of their life; it invites readers to be enriched and motivated to action by their gospel faith as the author himself has been; and to tell the truth about the Palestinian situation, since truth respects no persons. In this era of renewed gospel mission, the gospel urges, impels Christians, through awareness of God’s incredible love (2 Cor 5:13-15) to zealously reconnect with God’s mission of love for all humanity and creation. Besides appreciating the stories of this book, told in their simplicity, each reader can identify the least in their communities (in the home, the church and society) from whom they can learn and journey with as brothers and sisters, in appreciation of the gospel faith of the Palestinian Christians and their openness to God’s mystery among them, as Dr Bush has authentically shared in the pages of this book. We congratulate him for this work deeply rooted in life lived in gospel faith and for his respectful, non patronizing, approach to Palestinian Christians, the least from whom he learns; and invites us to learn.

    Teresa Okure, SHCJ
    Professor of New Testament and Gender Hermeneutics
    “First Scholar in Residence”
    Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA)
    Port Harcourt, Nigeria